Wisconsin Allowed More Than 100k Votes in 2020 From Voters Whose Registrations Show Them to Be 120 Years Old

Experts uncover more than half a million Wisconsin registered voters who registered Jan 1, 1918, more than 100,000 of which voted in the 2020 presidential election.

  • The Wisconsin Elections Commission was presented with evidence and questions concerning more than half a million registered voters with a registration date of 1/1/1918.
  • The WEC was unable to answer questions during a hearing where the findings were presented, along with questions about the 2020 presidential election, according to The Gateway Pundit.
  • When asked about the 119,283 active voters they did offer some response, however, investigators reportedly found it to be unsatisfactory.
  • According to the WEC, the old registrations were from small communities of less than 5,000 who did not appropriately merge their information during a previous elections policy change.
  • Wisconsin Assembly Attorney Dean O’Donnell called out the elections commissions over their response saying that by 2021 one out of every 14 voters in the system being registered as over 120 years old is more than something that can be brushed off.
  • “If you’re in Wisconsin, go out into your street, look up and down the street and you probably have at least one person there [with the 1918 registration],” O’Donnell said.
  • “This does not seem to be consistent with a 15-year-old issue involving small towns,” O’Donnell said, citing the 115,000 voters registered in 1918 who voted in the 2020 presidential election.
  • “This [policy change] was before the first iPhone was sold, I feel that data like this … or the lack of it in this particular case, it shows a disregard for transparency, for openness.”
  • Voter turnout is reported to have topped 3.2 million of the 3.6 million registered voters, which is the highest turnout Wisconsin has seen since the 2004 election according to USA Today.
  • Former President Donald Trump was recorded as having lost Wisconsin by just over 20,000 votes according to CNN.
  • Wisconsin counted votes from 5.5 times as many 100-year-old voter registrations than the margin of votes that won President Joe Biden the state.