WHO Proposes ‘Social Listening Surveillance Systems’ Recommendations

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed recommendations for “social listening surveillance systems” in order to target “misinformation.”

Under the latest draft of the pandemic treaty, WHO member states would “Conduct regular community outreach, social listening, and periodic analysis and consultations with civil society organization and media outlets to identify the prevalence and profiles of misinformation, which contribute to design communications and messaging strategies for the public to counteract misinformation, disinformation and false news, thereby strengthening public trust and promoting adherence to public health and social measures.”

The initiative can be accomplished if government systems “establish and invest in resources for social listening surveillance systems and capacities to identify concerns as well as rumors and misinformation.”

Reporting from The Defender:

The WHO’s PRET proposals coincided with a new multi-year collaboration agreement with Google for the provision of “credible health-related information to help billions of people around the world respond to emerging and future public health issues.”


One way Google will collaborate with the WHO is through the creation of more “knowledge panels” that will prominently appear in search results for health-related questions on the platform.