White House Secy. Jen Psaki Calls Issues At Border A ‘Crisis’ Before Claiming She Meant ‘Challenges’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got a slip of the tongue after she called the situation at the border a “crisis.” On Thursday, Psaki used the term when she responded to a question about whether Mexico has any expectations on the Biden administration’s handling of the migrant surge at the border.

“There have been expectations set outside of — unrelated to — any vaccine doses or requests for them that would be partners in dealing with the crisis at the border,” Psaki stated.

The administration has downplayed the problems at the southern border, including the massive migrant influx since Joe Biden took office. When called out for dubbing it a crisis, Psaki claimed she meant to say “challenges” at the border.

“When you were talking a moment ago, about diplomatic negotiations between the United States and Mexico you said ‘crisis on the border’ was that…?” a reporter questioned.

Psaki attempted to quickly recover by stating “challenges on the border” in response. In the meantime, the Biden administration has repeatedly promised to implement a more humane immigration policy despite growing concerns about the conditions unaccompanied migrant children have faced in border facilities.