Whistleblower Claims Antifa Members Present, Helped Organize Jan. 6

Andrew Copeland revealed to The Gateway Pundit from jail that he was an undercover Antifa member at the U.S. Capitol during January 6.

The Gateway Pundit called Copeland, who is currently in prison in Washington, D.C., and asked him a series of questions regarding his alleged inside knowledge of Antifa’s involvement in January 6.

When asked if he was “familiar with other Antifa activists” at the Capitol, Copeland said yes, explaining that there were “meetings beforehand. There was text messages. There was Facebook messages. There was all kinds of stuff.”

He noted there were about 250 Antifa members at an in-person meeting prior to January 6.

Reporting from The Gateway Pundit:

Here is a transcript of the letter from ANTIFA WHISTLEBLOWER LANDON COPELAND:

We are ANTIFA, we stand diametrically opposed to all centralized autocratic fascist Governments. Our members have attended all of the modern protests in support of the people protesting. We make the attempt to only support movements that favor the sovereignty of individuals. We are only present at the demonstrations we attend to dismay the forcible government suppression of peaceful protest. We have made mistakes and enemies in the past, this is not our intent. We offer an open invitation of alliance to all groups in favor of limited government. We extend our solidarities to everyone incarcerated in recent protests to include The Proud Boys, Black Lives Matter, Make America Great Again, The Oath Keepers, and all other groups including those associated with the January 6, 2021 event. Many of our members are Trump supporters and have been incarcerated because of this event. We cannot win this fight alone and surrender terms of our alliance in an effort to end an American regime that incarcerates us all.
May Freedom Reign Supreme.
Landon Copeland
Active ANTIFA Member since 2006