West Virginia Passes Disability-Based Abortion Ban on World Down Syndrome Day

West Virginia’s governor signed into law a ban on aborting children based on disabilities on World Down Syndrome Day, protecting millions of unborn children with chromosomal disorders.

  • West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a ban on disability based abortions on Monday, according to The Christian Post.
  • The bill, Senate Bill 468, requires that abortions only be performed in the event of a medical emergency.
  • The pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List strongly supported the law, calling it “a bold step forward today in the fight against eugenic discrimination in America.”
  • “Except in a medical emergency or a nonmedically viable fetus, a licensed medical professional may not perform or attempt to perform or induce an abortion, unless the patient acknowledges that the abortion is not being sought because of a disability,” continued SB 468.
  • “The licensed medical professional shall document these facts in the patient’s chart and report such with the [Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health].”
  • Gov. Justice also signed Senate Bill 647 Monday, prohibiting those with disabilities from being discriminated against when seeking an organ transplant.
  • World Down Syndrome Day “made for the perfect day to sign SB 647 and SB 468. Both bills give deserved respect to our Down Syndrome community,” Justice tweeted.