West Virginia Middle School Girls Refuse To Compete Against Transgender Player During Track Meet

Five middle school girls refused to compete against a transgender male player at a West Virginia track and field meet this week.

The five girls from Liberty High School refused to participate in the “shot put” event due to the competition.

The trans-identifying 13-year-old boy reportedly partakes in both shot put and discus throwing and plays on the girls track and field team at Bridgeport Middle School in Bridgeport.

One of the girls who opted out said that the trans-identifying boy won the championship shot put event.

The trans-identifying boy is also at the center of a federal case dealing with biological males in girls sports.

A federal appeals court reportedly ruled that West Virginia’s law barring trans-identifying boys from competing on girls’ teams cannot be enforced against this particular boy, the Daily Wire reported.

“The defendants cannot expect that B.P.J. will countermand her social transition, her medical treatment, and all the work she has done with her schools, teachers, and coaches for nearly half her life by introducing herself to teammates, coaches, and even opponents as a boy,” Judge Toby Heytens said.