WEF Floats Attaching Sensor to Your Tooth to Track What You Eat ‘In Real Time’

“Wearable technology” made of “[t]iny sensors that attach to a tooth and personalized nutrition-monitoring patches can enable us to precisely track not just our intake, but how our bodies respond to different foods.”

  • The world’s largest coalition of international politicians and corporations is recommending we wear a 2mm x 2mm sensor that attaches “directly to a tooth” and “transmits radiofrequency waves based on the nutritional molecules it detects.”
  • In its article posted on Monday, the Great Reset-advancing World Economic Forum (WEF) said this data will be collected and then made available to scientists who “can monitor nutritional intake and bodily effects in real time.”
  • “The 2mm x 2mm sensor attaches directly to a tooth and transmits radiofrequency waves based on the nutritional molecules it detects. This technology can provide glimpses into exactly what nutrients our bodies are taking in,” the WEF publication explains.
  • Other similar technologies, such as a “thumbprint-sized smart patch,” can measure “key dietary biomarkers” and send the information to an app that can “track how their bodies respond to different foods.”
  • Such wearable devices can monitor an individual’s health “at a molecular level,” the WEF piece goes on to say.
  • The WEF piece cited a 2018 peer-reviewed journal article titled “Functional, RF-Trilayer Sensors for Tooth-Mounted, Wireless Monitoring of the Oral Cavity and Food Consumption” published in Advanced Materials.
  • The WEF has imagined that by the year 2030, individuals will “have no real privacy.”
  • There will be “Nowhere I can go and not be registered” in 2030, reads a WEF contributor’s publication in Forbes. The contributor theorizes that in the future she will think things like: “I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.”