Weak US Will Bring On Four Horsemen of WWIII

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Wars, rumors of wars, famine, and pestilence. Not that we should tempt fate, but it seems giant earthquakes are the only thing left to fulfill ancient prophecy.

It is almost cliché today to say that these are indeed biblical times. We were taught that the four horsemen of the apocalypse would be our sign.

Amidst a backdrop of unending crises here and abroad where each shockwave is worse than the last, and still, Las Vegas oddsmakers wouldn’t peg a chance of Armageddon at more than 2%.

If one had to identify today’s potential four horsemen, one could argue that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea would be burnished into each saddle. Their loathing of the system and resentment, based on ill-defined grievances has brought them in league with each other, despite having such disparate cultures.

These horses are dragging us all to World War III. With today’s killing technology, mankind’s existence could well be hanging in the balance.

The riders, despotic autocrats, are unified by a deep hatred of the current world order, as led, since World War II, by the United States and the Bretton Woods construct.

Recently, Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed the U.S. position to uphold and enforce what he called the “rules-based” order as he attempted to clarify the U.S. policy towards an increasingly aggressive China. In turn, China wasted no time attacking the secretary who barely had time to mention human rights abuses and incursions into Taiwan airspace.

Putin wages war in Europe. Xi coerces nations globally. Khamenei races to get nukes while screaming death to Israel and America. Kim threatens South Korea, Japan, and the U.S., throwing North Korea’s nuke program into high gear.

All it will take now is a spark in this dry forest of kindling wood where strong leadership and defense of freedom seems thin at best. Any or all of these four horsemen could usher in the next, and possibly last, world war with intent to do so or from some horrible miscalculation in a highly charged, dangerous world.

We are at the precipice. How did we get here?

The answer is simple — weakness.

The current administration and its national security team have yet to achieve success on the domestic or international stage. In 18 months, their failures have been remarkable. The embarrassing initial summit with China; surrender of energy independence; searing defeat in Afghanistan; inability to secure the Southern border; destruction of U.S. economic security; and a mismanaged Ukraine crisis resulting in a devastating war are the most notable highlights of failed policies and ill-conceived strategies.

The resulting message globally — America is weak. Our allies and partners are worried, while our adversaries are emboldened.

The four horsemen believe their time is now.

The administration could hardly be dubbed “pioneers” or inventors of an anemic national security policy; there have been quite a few.

After World War I, the war to end all wars, we demobilized the armed forces to dangerous readiness levels and destroyed our economy. If you add incoherent foreign policy to the mix, you get an encouraged Germany and Japan embarking on the deadliest war in history with greater than 60 million killed.

Perhaps these are biblical times and there is little we can do to escape our fate. Whether that’s true or not, shouldn’t we do everything we can to head off an apocalyptic war?

If the current national security team’s record was plotted as a trendline, the slope and direction would indicate an ominous future awaits.

We must stop this now — there’s too much at stake.

We the People need to engage our elected officials regularly to demand accountability for imperiling our national, economic, energy, food and border security. Our liberty and our lives are threatened.

We owe it to our founders and future generations alike to routinely engage our leaders and demand that officials who hold the most important and powerful roles in our nation be accountable and where failure is egregious, removed.

A weak America will only tempt the Four Horsemen of World War III to continue on their deadly course toward destruction. Are the, not yet seen, biblical earthquakes a prophetic reference to nuclear weapons?

It falls to us now.

Reporting from Newsmax.