‘We Own the Science’: WEF Member Brags About Partnership with Google to Censor Critics

United Nations also “trained” doctors and scientists and “deployed” social media influencers to combat narratives deemed undesirable by the elite, she says.

A World Economic Forum (WEF) member boasted about how the global elites partnered with Google to censor information they don’t like, claiming they “own the science.”

U.N. Under-Secretary General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming explained in a “Tackling Disinformation” panel during the the WEF Sustainable Development Impact Meetings last week that the U.N. partners with tech giants like Google and TikTok to steer narratives about climate change and COVID.

“You know, we partnered with Google, for example. If you Google climate change, you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of U.N. resources,” Fleming revealed.

“We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we’d googled climate change, we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.”

“So, we are becoming much more proactive,” she went on. “You know, we own the science and we think that the world, you know, should know it, and the platforms themselves also do. But again… it’s a huge, huge challenge that I think all sectors of society need to be very active.”

Fleming detailed a project deemed “Team Halo” where the U.N. “trained” scientists and doctors on TikTok on narrative control.

“We had another trusted messenger project, which was called ‘Team Halo’ where we trained scientists around the world and some doctors on TikTok, and we had TikTok working with us,” she said.

But it’s not just doctors and scientists the UN is using against to steer narratives, but social media influencers as well.

“Another really key strategy we had was to deploy influencers,” she said, adding, “influencers who were really keen, who have huge followings, but really keen to help carry messages that were going to serve their communities, and they were much more trusted than the United Nations telling them something from New York City headquarters.”

Moderating the panel was WEF managing director Adrian Monck, who admitted that CNN played a key role in the elites’ effort to “own the narrative.”

“CNN is both an organization that’s trying to make sense of the world and trying to establish the facts; it’s also part of a political war on who owns the narrative,” he said.

This sinister WEF-led censorship initiative parallels with an unconstitutional censorship campaign being waged by the U.S. government domestically by partnering with “third-party” entities to “flag” American views on everything from COVID “misinformation” to election integrity.

This comes almost a year after WEF founder Klaus Schwab announced his group’s “Great Narrative” project to accelerate propaganda by merging government and corporate power to censor any viewpoints they deem politically undesirable.

Watch the “Tackling Disinformation” panel of the WEF’s Sustainable Development Impact Meeting: