“We Need China” – Biden’s Presumptive Ambassador Worked at a CCP-Linked Consulting Firm, And A Harvard Group Advising China’s Military.

President Biden’s presumptive Ambassador to China – Nick Burns – is a former adviser to a consulting firm employing Chinese Communist Party officials, a board member of a Harvard University program collaborating with China’s military, and a contributor to Chinese state-run media outlets.

While corporate news media outlets refer to Burns as a “career diplomat,” he is in fact more like a career Chinese Communist Party apparatchik, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

Prior to joining Team Biden, Burns served as a Senior Counselor at the Cohen Group, a consulting firm founded by Bill Clinton-era Defense Secretary Bill Cohen. The Cohen Group works closely with former Chinese Communist Party officials many consultants are active in various D.C.-based China lobbying groups. What’s more, the group has participated in an advisory program working with an entity sanctioned by President Trump for human rights abuses against Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

The former member of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s State Department also serves on the Board of Harvard’s Belfer Center, which routinely conducts cybersecurity events alongside Chinese Communist Party military officials and has appeared on China Global Television Network (CGTN).

“We can’t see them as the enemy because we need them,” Burns remarked in reference to China at a 2020 Aspen Institute event.

CCP Consultancy.

The Cohen Group’s China Practice claims to facilitate “constructive engagement and cooperation between leading multinational companies and Chinese enterprises around the world” as well as “support Chinese companies engaged in high-quality investments overseas.”

To do so, the Cohen Group has retained two China-based offices in Beijing and Tianjin for over a decade and employs former Chinese Communist Party officials.

The group’s Beijing Deputy Chief Representative, Xiaorong Wu, led the Chinese Communist Party’s “era of sovereignty” campaign as a former official in the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “where he participated in Sino-UK negotiation on the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China.”

Another Chief Representative, Yinghua Wang, joined the group in 2007 after years of serving the Chinese Communist Party’s Tianjin Municipal Government. As an official, Mr. Wang “frequently hosted meetings with foreign officials in order to foster stronger political and economic ties between Tianjin and state governments in the United States.”