Watch Babylon Bee’s Full Elon Musk Interview—Tesla CEO ‘Not Perverted Enough’ to Go on CNN (Video)

Watch conservative satire site Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon and other staffers sit down with Elon Musk—the world’s richest man—for an in-depth interview on wokeness, Elizabeth Warren, taxation, and the Metaverse in this full-length interview.

  • Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sat down with satirical website ‘The Babylon Bee’ for a long-form podcast interview discussing, among other things, “pointless” companies that “shouldn’t exist” and “should probably be disbanded.”
  • Musk took aim at CNN for its mounting sex scandals, joking that he’s “not perverted enough” to appear on the troubled network.
  • “You could be on CNN right now. A real news organization,” Babylon Bee co-host Kyle Mann told the Tesla mogul in jest.
  • “Unfortunately, I’m not perverted enough, I guess,” Musk quipped back.