Watch: Antifa Sets Fire to Federal Courthouse in Portland

No MSM coverage of far left protesters violently confronting federal police.

Antifa rioters attempted to destroy a federal courthouse in Portland Thursday night, in another chaotic scene of far left violence you won’t see covered by the mainstream media.

Close to 50 rioters vandalized, smashed windows and set fires outside the Mark Hatfield federal courthouse, prompting police to deploy riot squads and tear gas.

At one point an Antifa rioter set fire to plywood panels set up around the courthouse, as officers inside exited to extinguish the blaze.

Ahead of the night’s mayhem, violent protesters also attempted to break into a Chase bank, where an armed security guard had to pull his gun to fend them off.

According to KOIN, the rioters earlier in the day were seen holding signs reading, “Protect the land, end America.”

Police are expecting more violent riots throughout the weekend.

Whereas the media and Democrats were up in arms when Trump supporters confronted federal police on January 6 — where are they now?