Washington State launches “Joints for Jabs” program to promote covid vaccines by giving away marijuana

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) has announced that state residents who agree to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are eligible to receive a free joint from a licensed cannabis dispensary.

The temporary allowance provisions for cannabis retailers throughout the state to provide one pre-rolled joint to eligible customers of age who opt to get an injection in-store.

Like Krispy Kreme with its free donut promotion and the state of Ohio with its vaccine “lottery,” LCB came up with the promotion as a way to try to entice more cannabis users to get jabbed for the Wuhan Flu.

Seeing as how cannabis by itself has already been shown to be an effective remedy against the Chinese Virus without the need for an injection, this could be a tall order. Even so, LCB is going to try it anyway to convince more people who use natural herbs to get vaccinated.

Between June 7 and July 12, all eligible Washington residents who roll up their sleeves at the local dispensary and take an injection will receive a free pre-roll. Receipt of the complimentary joint must occur during the same day the vaccination is given and cannot be delayed.

“The cannabis joint must be provided by a retailer, and not a producer or processor and licensees are required to maintain records of all product provided as part of this allowance,” The Post Millennial reported.

Uncle Ike’s dispensary chain says it is “ready, willing and able” to mass vaccinate customers

Ian Eisenberg, owner of the Uncle Ike’s chain of dispensaries throughout Seattle, told theMillennial that he and his team are “ready, willing and able to step up and do our part to help get people vaccinated.”

Eisenberg added that he is thrilled to offer Chinese Virus injections on-site at some of his locations, which have yet to be determined.