Washington State Aims To Do Away With Most Non-Electric Vehicles By 2030

The state of Washington has announced it will seek to ban the sale of many non-electric vehicles by 2030.

  • As part of its plan to combat ‘climate change,’ Washington’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law that seeks to ban non-electric vehicles over the next few years.
  • Inslee signed the “Move Ahead Washington” package that will require all publicly and privately owned passenger and light-duty vehicles made in 2030 or later to be electric, The Post Millennial reported.
  • “Transportation is our state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. There is no way to talk about climate change without talking about transportation,” Inslee said. “This package will move us away from the transportation system our grandparents imagined and towards the transportation system our grandchildren dream of.”

“They want to force everybody into an electric vehicle for whatever reason they deem fit. They want to take the choice away from the people because they think government knows more than anybody else.”

  • While the bill seeks to end the sale of most electric vehicles by 2030, the plan is to eventually do away with any gas-powered vehicle in the state.
  • “Clean Cars 2030 outlines a clear path forward for the future of the electric vehicle transition in our state,” Democratic State Senator Marko Liias said. “This part of our Move Ahead Washington plan will create a timeline with the data, tools, and guidelines that every sector from governments to businesses can plan for with confidence.”
  • This legislation comes after other democratic states such as New York and California have recently created initiatives preventing non-electric vehicles from being sold in the future.