Ward Wants Mail-In Ballot Signatures Verified, Cites Previous Finding That 6%-11% ‘Unlikely’ To Be Authentic

After the Arizona Democrats and the Arizona Senate reached a settlement that the firm conducting the Maricopa County audit would not verify signatures on mail-in ballots without a prior agreement from the Arizona Democratic Party, Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward said she “certainly” hopes Cyber Ninjas will obtain such an agreement, citing a previous examination of a small sample of ballots that saw between 6% and 11% of signatures were “unlikely to be a match.”

Yesterday, National File reported that the Arizona Democratic Party reached a settlement with the Arizona Senate and the firm conducting the Maricopa County audit, Cyber Ninjas, that requires Cyber Ninjas to obtain agreement from the Democrats to begin examining whether signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes match the voter’s on-file signature. In a video update posted yesterday night, Ward revealed that this is not currently being done, and was not stopped, as the Democrats suggested in a press release, but said that she hopes the process of verifying signatures will be part of the audit.