Voters in Ukrainian Border Regions Support Joining Russia: Reports

Some estimates put the figure at over 90%.

  • An estimated 90-plus percent of voters in Donbass, Zaporozhye, and Kherson regions of Ukraine support joining Russia, according to Tass, a Russian news agency.
  • The figures were reportedly assessed from voting on referendums presented to citizens of the region about joining the neighboring country that invaded in February of this year.
  • In the Lugansk People’s Republics (LPR), there is already a referendum some consider to be valid as it is allegedly internationally observed.
  • The results were reported by Russian Media and votes were gathered at the Russian Federation polling station. The outlet claims there were a number of international observers to oversee the results, including those from Bulgaria, Bosnia, Germany, Serbia, Mozambique, France, and the Central African Republic.
  • Kyiv and Western officials have called the referendums a “sham” and a justification for annexation.
  • The polling stations indicated that accession to Russia for the Donetsk People’s Republic region received more than 98% support after about 22% of ballots were processed.
  • A similar referendum for accession by the Lugansk People’s Republic to Russia was supported by 97.83% of voters with about the same percentage of ballots counted.
  • The Zaporozhye Region’s joining Russia was supported by almost 98% of voters when about 30% of votes were counted.
  • Overall, 97,05% of voters supported the accession of the Kherson Region to Russia when 28% of votes were counted.
  • The Russian news agency reports a voter turnout of over 90% in some regions, while other reports call the Russian coverage one-sided.
  • Some Ukrainians on social media have decried the vote, saying Russians are forcing voters to cast ballots in support of their nation.
  • Polling for the referendum closed on Tuesday afternoon as Russia gauged support for its claim to the border regions.
  • American media outlets reported that reporting showed only around 30% of Crimeans were thought to have participated in the vote, and only around 15% supported joining Russia.
  • Moscow has warned that if it believes it has enough support from the four regions believed to be voting to join the nation it will consider any attack on the regions as an attack on Russia.