Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Calls for More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) stated more “gender-neutral bathrooms” should be added to public schools. The statement was made at a CNN Town Hall after Youngkin was questioned on athletic and restroom policies by a 16-year-old “transgender man.” Youngkin said, “What’s most important is that we try very hard to accommodate students. That’s why I have said many many times, we just need extra bathrooms in schools. We need gender-neutral bathrooms, and so, people can use the bathroom that they in fact are comfortable with.”

From National File:

In addition to Glenn Youngkin’s endorsement of gender-neutral bathrooms, the Virginia Governor boasted of his kowtowing to the left on the issue of Virginia’s Civil War history, when asked about his professed opposition to critical race theory-inspired curriculum.

Youngkin criticized Virginia history standards that weighed multiple causes of southern secession and the American Civil War, during which Richmond, Virginia served as the Capitol of the Confederate States of America.

“For the first time Virginia history standards,” Youngkin said, students, will learn that “the cause of the Civil War was slavery.”

“The teaching of that basic fact was critical,” Youngkin told the CNN town hall.