Virginia Dems Endanger Bicyclists, Motorists Alike With Green New Road Laws

Under the green new policy, bicycles will ride two-per-lane and treat stop signs as yields.

A new Virginia traffic law meant to encourage bicycling on the state’s roadways has residents outraged as critics accuse a Democrat-dominated state government of endangering motorists and massively clogging roadways by putting eco-friendly virtue signaling efforts ahead of public safety. 

Under the Bicycle Safety Act, which will go into effect July 1, bicyclists are permitted to ride side by side on public roadways, fully blocking off entire lanes of traffic.  When passing the cyclists, motorists will be forced to fully cross into the oncoming lane of traffic – even over a double solid yellow line – or face legal penalties. The law even allows for bicyclists to blow through stop signs, treating them as yields.

Transportation by bicycle has been a centerpiece of left-wing climate initiatives in recent years, with many on the left pointing to Communist China – where bicycles notoriously clog city streets – as a shining example of a bike-friendly nation.