Virginia AG Miyares Warns ‘Extreme Left’ Against Attacking Churches

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares issued a stern warning to the “extreme left” abortion proponents planning and executing attacks on churches should they choose to bring their violent anti-Christian campaign to Virginia, vowing that he will “not hesitate” to defend Virginians’ right to worship. Launching their attacks under the guise of a “protest,” far-left pro-abortion groups such as “Ruth Sent Us” have promised to storm church services while others have threatened violence against Christians. A particular emphasis has been placed on Catholics, as five of the court’s conservative justices are Catholic.

Far-left groups like Ruth Sent Us and others inspired by a pro-abortion message spent Mother’s Day weekend kicking off their anti-Christian church attack campaign. Pro-life groups and nonprofits have also been targetted.

Numerous services were disrupted around the country, while one group of pro-abortion extremists even firebombed the offices of the pro-life non-profit Wisconsin Family Action. Ruth Sent Us, and others like them, have promised to continue their anti-Christian pro-abortion campaign and claim that they will “burn” the Eucharist.

While some law enforcement agencies and officials have been accused by their constituents of playing nice with violent pro-abortion extremists, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, a Republican who was elected last year alongside Glenn Youngkin, issued a stern warning to those hoping to bring their act to Virginia’s churches. Should they choose to attack places of worship in the Commonwealth, Miyares says the AG’s Office will drop the hammer.

“Some on the extreme left have responded to this week’s reprehensible leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion by calling for pro-abortion protests inside and outside of Catholic parishes this Sunday,” Miyares said in a statement issued ahead of Mother’s Day weekend.

“Federal law makes it a felony to intimidate, interfere with, or obstruct any person who is seeking to exercise his or her First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship. Similarly, Virginia criminal law prohibits obstructing the free movement of other persons, trespassing on church property, or obstructing proper ingress to and egress from a church,” Miyares went on, before threatening those who wish to carry out their attacks anyways with the full authority of the Virginia Attorney General’s Office.

“My office will be monitoring protest activities directed at houses of worship and will refer alleged criminal violations to the United States Department of Justice or to the appropriate Commonwealth’s Attorney.”

“Furthermore, federal law authorizes states to bring civil suits to protect their citizens’ free exercise of religion. If protest activities directed at houses of worship cross the line to illegal obstruction, intimidation, or interference, I will not hesitate to bring suit to protect the religious freedom of this Commonwealth.”

Under the Supreme Court’s draft opinion overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, abortion will not actually be outlawed, but merely left to the states to govern under the 10th Amendment giving them the right to determine their own laws on issues not outlined in the U.S. Constitution – like abortion. This legal factoid hasn’t stopped the left from claiming that women nationwide will begin dying if the ruling is overturned though, using their “sky is falling” analogies to stoke rage against Christians and conservatives in the runup to November’s midterms.

Many have pointed out parallels to the corporate-sponsored Black Lives Matter movement of 2020.

Miyares was elected in Virginia’s socially conservative wave of 2021, when parents stood up to far-left school boards and the Democrat politicians who shield and support them, following the serial rape of Loudoun County schoolgirls thanks to the pro-trans policies enacted in the district. Loudoun County school officials also were among the first in Virginia to push critical race theory on children against the will of their own parents. All this culminated in massive parental opposition to the Democrat agenda and the energization of grassroots conservatives, as well as others worried about their kids’ future, statewide.

Reporting from National File.