VIDEO: Skateboarding Trump Supporter Dodges Antifa Charge As Leftists Attack Oregon State Capitol

Antifa is violently attacking Americans outside the Salem, Oregon capitol building.

As scenes continue to emerge showing violent Antifa members storm the Oregon state Capitol building in Salem, a video was captured showing a Trump supporter on a skateboard taunt a group of Antifa members who were on foot. One of the Antifa members charged the Trump supporter, only for the Trump supporter to effortlessly dodge the attack and escape using his skateboard.

In scenes that evoke images of the Democrat and media description of an insurrection, Antifa members have formed a cordon around the Oregon state Capitol, and are attacking passersby. When one man holding a Trump flag skateboarded by, the group of Antifa began screaming at him, and one broke off to charge him.

As the black bloc wearing man, armed with a home made riot shield, charged the Trump supporter, the Trump supporter merely changed direction and quickly skated away from the would-be assailant.