Video Shows Michigan Dem Resist Arrest, Threaten To Call Whitmer After Wrecking Car During Alleged DUI

“When I call Gretchen [Whitmer], I’ll need y’alls IDs, and badge numbers, and everything,” said Jewell Jones. “Do not f*** with me, bro.”

Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones, a 26-year-old Democrat, was arrested on April 6 after he allegedly drunkenly drove his vehicle off the road and into a ditch. During the arrest, he refused to provide his license to police officers, and threatened to defund the police budget and call Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, another Democrat, ostensibly to punish them for the arrest.

Dash cam footage shows Jones standing in front of an ambulance, where he refuses to give police officers his driver’s license multiple times. “Take your hands off me and I’ll give you my stuff, take your hands off me, I got you,” said Jones at one point. When officers refused, and again asked him to produce his driver’s license, he said “I can’t do that” and was promptly taken to the ground by police.