Video: Hollywood Endorses Globalist “Health Safety Seal” To “Battle COVID-19”

  • Star-studded campaign promotes marking buildings to show they bow to COVID “safety” measures

A group that refers to itself as the “global authority on healthy buildings” is using Hollywood star power to indoctrinate people into avoiding non-compliant businesses.

The seal would essentially be a marker of establishment approval while buildings denied the seal due to political beliefs, sanitary reasons, economic struggles, or a host of other reasons, could be looked down upon.

Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Robert DeNiro, Venus Williams, Wolfgang Puck, Deepak Chopra all join George W. Bush-era U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona to advance the COVID agenda.

The celebs tell viewers the “Well Health Safety Seal” lets shoppers know their favorite places have put their “health and safety first.”