Video: Carlson Blasts Oregon Mask Mandate; “On Every Level, The Order Is Ridiculous, And Yet, Thanks To COVID The Governor Is Now God”

“Her orders are now the law and if you ignore them, you will go to jail.”

Tucker Carlson reacted to Oregon enacting a fresh mask mandate Wednesday, calling the move “ridiculous on every level, even if you ignore the science.”

Oregon governor Kate Brown declared this week “Today, I’m announcing that effective Friday, August 27 masks will be required in all public outdoor settings or physical distancing is not possible regardless of vaccination status.”

Brown told reporters “Masks are a quick and simple tool we can immediately deploy to protect ourselves and our families, and quickly help stop further spread of COVID-19.”

As Carlson notes, reporters also asked Brown if people should report their neighbours if they see them not complying with the mandate, to which the governor replied “this is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake. What neighbors do, they call law enforcement because it’s too noisy.”

Carlson stated “None of the actual laws are being enforced, but the fake laws, not the ones passed by the legislature, the ones made up by the power-mad governor, will be enforced with guns.”

The host urged that “at this point, it’s almost pointless to apply the traditional measures of logic, reason, and data to decrees like that one.”

He added, “on every level, the order you just saw from Kate Brown is ridiculous, and yet. Thanks to COVID, as we noted, she is now God, so her orders are now the law and if you ignore them, you will go to jail.”

Carlson asked the question, “if the vaccines work, then why are vaccinated people required to wear masks? And for that matter, why is anyone required to wear a mask outdoors? Outdoor transmission of COVID is so rare that it’s practically non-existent.”

The host continued, “as a factual matter, Kate Brown’s order is absurd. But even if you ignored the science, even if you convinced yourself that large numbers of people were catching COVID while jogging, you still wouldn’t make people wear masks. Because drugstore masks, the kind that everyone wears, do not work. Cloth and surgical masks do not stop COVID. That’s not a guess. We know.”