Vermont Upholds Ruling That Noncitizens Can Vote in Local Elections

The Vermont Supreme Court upheld a ruling that allows noncitizens to vote in local elections, saying it does not violate the state constitution. In 2021, Republican Gov. Phil Scott vetoed two bills allowing noncitizens to participate in elections, but the Democratic legislature passed the laws. New York’s Supreme Court struck down a law allowing noncitizens to vote, saying the measure violated New York’s state constitution.

From Conservative Brief:

Justice Ralph Porzio called the law illegal, saying it violated the New York State Constitution.

“The New York State Constitution expressly states that citizens meeting the age and residency requirements are entitled to register and vote in elections,” he said.

“Though voting is a right so many citizens take for granted, the City of New York cannot ‘obviate’ the restrictions imposed by the Constitution,” Porzio continued, going on to say that “the weight of the citizens’ vote will be diluted by municipal voters and candidates and political parties alike will need to reconfigure their campaigns.”

In striking down the law, Porzio said that: “Though Plaintiffs have not suffered harm today, the harm they will suffer is imminent.”