Vermont Has Highest Vax Rate, Now Reports Record 527 COVID Cases in One Day

The state with the highest vaccination coverage in the country tied a record for daily Covid-19 mortality set during last winter’s outbreak.

  • Vermont is reporting a total of 527 coronavirus infections on Nov. 4, The Epoch Times reports.
  • On Nov. 4, six individuals died in Vermont from the virus, the highest death toll since Dec. 27 last year.
  • Vermont has the greatest vaccination rate of any of the 50 states, with 71.6% of the population being “fully vaccinated.”

Vermont had less than 60 total CCP virus deaths prior to last year’s winter surge and prior to the approval of the three CCP virus vaccines. Since then, the death toll has risen to 384, as of Nov. 6. The state says that 72 of the total deaths have been among people vaccinated against the virus.

Infections, hospitalizations, and deaths linked to COVID-19 have risen in recent months among people who have had a COVID-19 vaccine, according to newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The rate of infections and deaths among the fully vaccinated rose roughly tenfold from late June to mid-August, according to the CDC. The rate of CCP-virus-associated hospitalizations among the vaccinated rose more than eight-fold during the same time.