Vast Majority of Americans Don’t Want U.S. Troops in Ukraine

Recent polling indicates that only about 15% of Americans support American assistance being sent to Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion.

  • Americans largely do not support sending troops to Ukraine in the case of Russian invasion according to a recent Trafalgar Group poll.
  • The poll also found that less than 1-in-3 believe the United States should provide military advisers, weapons, and supplies to an invaded Ukraine.
  • When they were questioned as to what level of involvement the U.S. should have if Ukraine is invaded 30 percent said America should “provide only diplomatic area pressure.”
  • Another 31.1 percent said the U.S. should “provide supplies and military weapons,” 23.2 percent think the U.S. should “provide U.S. military advisers,” and 15.3 percent said the U.S. should “provide U.S. troops as boots on the ground.”
  • The same poll showed that over 58 percent of Americans think the United States should use military assets to defend Taiwan if the country is invaded by China.
  • “Our leaders often forget that the American people have great wisdom in understanding the nature of threats abroad,” Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, an affiliate of the Trafalgar group said in a statement to Newsmax.
  •  “Voters in all parties stand squarely behind a U.S. military defense of a free and democratic Taiwan, even though that comes with great risk — and potentially a high cost to our nation — against the growing threat from China.
  • “Conversely, while voters clearly sympathize with Ukraine and support assisting them through diplomacy and other means, there is no support for U.S. military intervention should a conflict arise with Russia. The Biden administration should take note.”
  • According to a report by The Associated Press, Ukrainian officials reassured its residents that war with Russia was not imminent.
  • However, the same report, as well as one from Reuters indicated that Ukraine has received weapons from Western allies and is still looking for more.
  • The United States reportedly provided has provided over $2.5 billion in military aid since 2014, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, coastal patrol boats Humvees, sniper rifles, reconnaissance drones, radar systems, night vision, and radio equipment.