Uvalde Police Admit They Never Tried to Open Door to Classrooms Where Gunman Trapped Kids

Surveillance footage shows the 77 minutes between the gunman’s entrance and officers’ breach to kill the shooter.

  • Investigators have asserted that the Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooter might not have locked to door to a connected classroom from the inside.
  • Surveillance footage shows the 77 minutes between the time a gunman entered the rooms and killed 19 students and two teachers, and when police stormed the room.
  • Law enforcement sources say that the footage shows police never tried to open a door to two of the classrooms connected to the room where the massacre took place.
  • The investigation shows that the May 24th shooting may not have taken place in a completely locked classroom, because police assumed that the typically automatically locking door was secured.
  • However, evidence of a malfunction in the door to an adjoining classroom indicates that the door might have been open the whole time.
  • “All classroom doors at Robb Elementary are designed to lock automatically when they are closed so that the only way to enter from the outside is with a key, the source said. Police might have assumed the door was locked, but the latest evidence suggests it may have been open the whole time, possibly due to a malfunction, the source said,” according to The San Antonio Express-News.
  • “The surveillance footage indicates gunman Salvador Ramos, 18, was able to open the door to classroom 111 and enter with an assault-style rifle,” the report went on to say.
  • “Police finally opened the door to classroom 111 and killed Ramos at 12:50 p.m. Whether the door was unlocked all along remains under investigation. Regardless, officers had access the entire time to a ‘halligan’ — a crowbar-like tool that could have opened the door to the classrooms even if it was locked, the source said.”
  • Local police have changed their official presentation of the facts on multiple occasions regarding the shooting.
  • Initially, the Department of Public Safety said that the exterior door where Ramos entered was propped open by a teacher, but that was later proven incorrect.
  • It was also previously reported that school police had shot Ramos, before that fact was later corrected to say that no school police officer confronted Ramos outside the school.
  • The FBI, Justice Department, and the Texas Rangers are all investigating the police response to the shooting.