USA Today Shows Republicans Beating Dems By 8% Nationally in 2022 Midterms

Joe Biden’s approval now at 38%—with Kamala ten points lower.

With margins like that, even widespread election fraud couldn’t stop Republican election victories.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll taken last week shows Joe Biden’s support has plummeted even further and Democrats could get wiped out in the 2022 midterm elections by at least 5 points.

The poll of 1,000 registered voters found Biden’s favorability dropped to 38%, with independents affecting the score most, with 44% saying he’s done worse than they expected.

Additionally, if the midterm elections were held today, Republicans would beat Democrats by up to 8%, with a 3.1% margin of error.

From USA Today:

If the election were today, those surveyed said they would vote for their local Republican congressional candidate over the Democratic one by 46%-38%, an advantage that would bode well for GOP hopes of gaining a majority in the House and the Senate. 

In a president’s first midterm election, his party usually loses ground, and this time the GOP needs to flip just five seats in the House and one in the Senate to claim control. 

The news gets worse for Democrats: about 2/3 of Americans don’t want Biden to run again.

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 64%, said they didn’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024. That included 28% of Democrats,” USA Today reported.

And what’s worse, Vice President Kamala Harris polled even worse than Biden, which doesn’t bode well for the Democrats’ 2024 prospects.

“Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating was 28% – even worse than Biden’s. The poll showed that 51% disapproved of the job she’s doing. One in five, 21%, were undecided.”

The poll comes just days after Republicans swept Virginia, winning control of the state’s executive branch, in addition to making many more gains in other local and state elections.