US Historian Who Consulted Reagan Says US Media Untrustworthy, ‘All Lies’

US media are not trustworthy at the moment, telling “all lies now, all the time,” Suzanne Massie, a US historian who advised President Ronald Reagan on Russia, told Russian media.

“We cannot read our own media because it is all lies now, all the time,” Massie said, as quoted by the broadcaster.

The historian is critical of incumbent US president, Joe Biden, too.

“He is someone who is not a president. He is a puppet,” she said, adding that Washington is “a swamp” now.

Suzanne Massie, has traveled to Moscow to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for a Russian passport.

“I devoted many years of my life to bringing the peoples of the United States and Russia closer to one another. It is utterly important and necessary for me today to stay in Russia in order to continue my cause. If President Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] finds it possible to grant me Russian citizenship, it will be an honor for me,” Massie said in an interview.

She believes that the current US administration has no interest in and intention of trying to mend ties because they need Russia to serve as an “external enemy” figure. Vocally critical of US President Joe Biden, Massie accused his administration of keeping own citizens in the dark and allowing major US media to manipulate information.