Unreal On-the-Ground Video Shows What Israelis Are Seeing as Iron Dome Systems Defeats Hamas Missile Swarm

As Israel suffers under a continuous heavy rocket barrage, footage coming out of the Holy Land is giving the world a look at the horrors Hamas rains down on innocent civilians.

Thankfully, the footage also shows the country’s Iron Dome systems coming to life, countering the terrifying missile swarms with precision-guided munitions.

The onslaught started Monday, with hundreds of rockets raining down on civilian areas.

“The terrorist groups in Gaza crossed a red line on the eve of Jerusalem Day, a red line, and attacked us with rockets on the outskirts of Jerusalem,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of the ongoing attacks.

Footage out of Israel shows the rockets falling from the sky before spots of light — missiles fired by Iron Dome systems — rush up to meet them.

The resulting clash is loud, fiery and shreds the killing munitions, rending them into scrap metal and ash.

More video shows the night sky lighting with flashes of light like a biblical scene as swarms of missiles are countered.

While it seems simple, the technology and precision that goes into an Iron Dome system is mind-boggling.

According to Air Force Magazine, the systems are first alerted when radar detects an incoming object up to 45 miles away.