University to Host ‘Vocal Workshops’ to Teach Transgender, Non-Binary Students to Alter Voices

The Colorado State University Health Network is to host workshops teaching transgender and non-binary students how to change their voices to be “masculine, feminine, and androgynous.” Maggie Hendrickson of the Pride Resource Center told the university’s publication, the Rocky Mountain Collegian, that they “don’t want people to think that they have to be like on hormones, or so far along in their transition, or out, or any other precursors to coming to the workshop.”

From The Blaze:

The courses will be facilitated by Annie Schubert, a certified speech-language pathologist and clinical vocologist at the Speech and Language Stimulation Center in Fort Collins.


"Driven by each client's goals and gender identity, we provide voice training services for transgender or gender-diverse clients seeking to modify their voice," the Speech and Language Stimulation Center website states. "At SLSC, we prioritize using both objective feedback from voice analysis software as well as each client's self-analysis of their speech samples across the duration of training. Above all, it is our goal to provide a supportive environment for each client on their path toward confidently presenting their gender identity."