University of Montreal Lecture Asserts ‘Everybody in the Room Has Some Amount of Sexual Interest in Children’

Psychologist Ian McPhail gave a lecture at the University of Montreal that claimed that every person has some level of sexual attraction to children. McPhail said that the rate of offenders reoffending is almost double for “preferential” pedophiles than “non-pedophilic” sexual offenders. Because 75% of offenders received treatment that “wasn’t helpful,” according to McPhail, “We don’t need to do be doing specialized intervention for the majority of sexual offenders that come into the prison system.”

From The Blaze:

McPhail used three “taxa,” essentially meaning categories, to identify the levels of sexual attraction to children among the population:

“Non-pedophiles: People who have no sexual interest in children”;
“Non-preferential pedophiles: People who have roughly equal sexual interest in children and adults”;
“Preferential pedophiles: People who have much more interest in children vs. adults."