United Nations Urges Americans To Reduce Meat Consumption For ‘Climate Change’

An agency in the United Nations that aims to lead international efforts to defeat hunger is reportedly urging Americans to reduce meat consumption to beat “climate change.”

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced it plans to introduce a global food recommendation document at the Climate Change Conference COP28 at the Expo City Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

“The failure of leading meat and dairy companies to reduce emissions underlines the urgent need for more policy focus on the food and agriculture sector,” Jeremy Coller, the chair and founder of the FAIRR Initiative, recently said.

“Investors hope the first-ever publication of a food and agriculture road map at COP28 this month will catalyze the transition to 1.5 degrees and a more sustainable food system,” he added.

Coller said food system emissions represent an estimated third of greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of methane in the world.

UN officials have reportedly pushed for a plant-based diet to reduce an individual’s annual carbon footprint by up to 2.1 tons.

However, the University of California, Davis, published a study earlier this year that indicated lab-grown or “cultured” meat produced by cultivating animal cells is up to 25 times worse for the climate than natural beef.

“Currently, animal cell-based meat products are being produced at a small scale and at an economic loss, however companies are intending to industrialize and scale-up production,” the researchers wrote.

“Results indicate that the environmental impact of near-term animal cell-based meat production is likely to be orders of magnitude higher than median beef production if a highly refined growth medium is utilized.”