United Airlines Tells Pilots To Take Vax Or Be Grounded Indefinitely

Big bombshell report from the Stew Peters Show

According to Red Voice Media and the Stew Peters Show, United Air Lines and the Air Line Pilots Association have hatched a scheme to incentivize pilots to accept one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines: Get vaccinated, or be permanently grounded and unable to work.

“United Airlines and the Air Line Pilots Association have openly released a monetary ‘bonus’ for those that decide in favor of the jab, offering 13.5 hours of flight pay bonus, which ends up being anywhere between $2,500 and $4,800 depending on what seat the pilot occupies, and the level of their seniority,” Stew Peters reports. “The truth is United Airlines is going to give pilots the choice: get jabbed, or be grounded, essentially giving pilots an ultimatum to get ‘vaccinated’ or lose their income.”

According to email exchanges provided to the Stew Peters Show, many cities and airports now require pilots to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “If a restricted city appears in an unvaxxed pilot’s monthly schedule,” Peters reports, “That pilot is removed from that trip, without pay.”