Undercover Journalist Discovers IRS Uses AI to Spy on Americans

An undercover journalist with the O’Keefe Media Group discovered that the IRS uses AI to spy on Americans and company bank accounts.

The journalist asked if the process was consitutional, to which Alex Mena, a member of the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Unit, responded that he doubted it.

Mena added that the IRS can audit “whoever they want” and uses a system with AI targeting “potential abusers.”

“So we have like all the information from all the companies in the whole world actually, not just in the United States,” Mena explained. “So the AI looks at all the returns, looks at the bank statements, looks at the books, and if it sees like a potential for fraud, like it knows there is a potential for fraud.”

“So AI has access to like everybody’s bank account?” the journalist asked Alex Mena, who works in the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Unit.

“Yes,” Mena said, adding that the process is “invasive.”

Warning: The tweet and video contain foul language.