Un-Vaxxed Africa Only World Region Enjoying Drop in COVID Cases: World Health Organization

15 million new coronavirus cases reported globally last week among more-vaccinated countries—unvaccinated Africa only region reporting a drop, says W.H.O.

  • The World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest report shows a 55% increase (roughly 15 million) in new coronavirus cases globally last week, with only less-vaccinated Africa seeing a drop, according to Newsweek.
  • North, South, and Central America as well as Europe and Southeast Asia are reporting highest-ever numbers of coronavirus cases this week.
  • But Southeast Asia saw the sharpest rise in infections, cases increasing by more than 400%, and the most significant numbers being reported in India, Timor-Leste, Thailand, and Bangladesh.
  • Google’s “Map of vaccinations” shows these more infected regions also have higher vaccination rates than Africa, which is experiencing low coronavirus cases.
  • Officials in Africa reported an 11% decrease in the region, Newsweek citing experts who say that the wave in the region has ended.
  • South Africa, for example, has only “vaccinated about 24.3% of the country’s population,” according to Reuters.
  • World regions with higher vaccination rates also having higher coronavirus infection rates, while regions with lower vaccination rates also have lower coronavirus infection rates, raises questions about the vaccine’s efficacy.
Screenshot from Google.com taken January 13, 2022
  • India reported 442,137 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday alone, according to Google data, even though the region has more than doubled its vaccination rate since August.
Screenshot from Google.com taken January 13, 2022
Screenshot from Google.com taken January 13, 2022
  • Despite the country’s high vaccination rate, the U.S. recently broke a new record among Covid-19 hospitalizations.
  • While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that “all FDA-approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines provide substantial protection against COVID-19 hospitalization,” and even with three-quarters of its total population vaccinated per CDC recommendation, the U.S. reported more than 145,000 Covid-19 hospitalizations as of Tuesday, The Washington Post reports.
  • The high vaccination rate among the American population not being able to curb Covid-19 hospitalizations also raises questions about the vaccine’s efficacy, while casting doubt on CDC guidance.
  • New South Wales (NSW) is seeing more fully vaccinated patients hospitalized with Covid-19 compared to the number of unvaccinated patients, as Data published by the NSW government’s coronavirus Critical Intelligence Unit revealed that as of Jan 9, 68.9% of Covid-19 patients aged 12 and over in hospitals had two doses of the vaccine, with 28.8% unvaccinated.