Ukrainians Party in Kiev as America Continues Sending Billions in Foreign Aid to Stop ‘Invasion’

A new video has surfaced of Ukrainians partying the night away in the capital city of Kiev, where the American people are told they must send their hard-earned dollars to stop Russian invaders from overrunning the nation and destabilizing the liberal world order. In the US, the Ukrainian capital has been portrayed as a city besieged by barbarous Russian aggressors, susceptible to conquest and war crimes at any moment, but reality paints a far different picture.

The Kiev party scene appears to be alive and well amidst the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict, despite the constant pleas from the nation’s government for billions of dollars worth of untracked American cash and billions more worth of military armaments.

In the Kiev party video posted to Twitter, music blares, and a crowd of young men and women are seen drinking and dancing in a scene that resembles those commonly found in American cities. It generated shock among commenters, who were under the impression that women had been frantically evacuated from Ukraine, only to learn that Ukrainians have been returning to their home nation en masse in recent months.

Contrary to Western media depictions, the fighting is largely confined to long-disputed regions around Donbas and the Russian border, where the bulk of Ukrainian citizens are ethnically Russian and have sided with their mother nation since 2014 when a Soros-funded revolution overthrew Ukraine’s elected government.

According to corporate media reports, which have celebrated the return of Kiev’s vibrant nightlife scene amidst multi-billion dollar foreign aid packages and claims that World War 3 is just around the corner, the Ukrainians have claimed that “even under war, we must live.”

The video originated on a Tik Tok account named “Kiev Night,” which profiles parties and night life throughout the city in multiple videos, effectively laughing in the faces of the Western nations financially propping up Ukraine, largely against the wishes of their own citizens.

Just days before the video was recorded last weekend, the Biden Administration announced it would be sending yet another multi-billion dollar aid package to Ukraine.

Then, just days after that, during Anthony Blinken’s “surprise visit” to Kiev, the Biden Secretary of State announced that America would be sending an additional $2 billion to Ukraine.

According to current figures, the US has sent at least $40 billion to Ukraine, putting the troubled nation that has been compared to a flea market for elites on track to be the largest recipient of US military aid in history.

The Kiev party video comes as reports emerge that Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs close to the Zelenskyy government are taking heaps of un-tracked US aid money to fund their own luxurious escapes, purchasing multi-million dollar mansions and “villas” in Switzerland.

Ukrainian citizens are far from the only ones living it up while American tax dollars are funneled into their supposedly besieged nation.

Earlier this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has repeatedly claimed that Russian troops are on the cusp of “storming Kiev,” joined his wife, Olena, in the Ukrainian capital city for a photo shoot with Vogue magazine. The shoot was titled, “Portrait of Bravery.”

Reporting from National File.