Ukraine’s Special Ops Command Announces They’ll Kill All Russian Prisoners: ‘No Mercy’

The official Facebook page for the Ukrainian Special Operations Command announced on Wednesday that they will no longer be taking prisoners in a statement believed to be tantamount to an admission of “war crimes.”

  • Ukrainian Special Operations Command released an aggressive statement on Russian prisoners saying that they would’nt take any, according to Information Liberation.
  • According to an automated translation of their Facebook post, the group “congratulated” the Russian artillery and advised that they say goodbye to their loved ones.
  • The group went on to say that they would not show any mercy to those who surrendered, but would “slaughter” all Russians.
  • That recitation of their post was reported on multiple times, including screenshots of the post, before they later removed the parts of the statement that would have most egregiously constituted war crimes.
  • Information Liberation also posted a photo of the confirmation of the “edit history” on the post that appears to confirm the original statement.
  • “The SSO Brotherhood of Ukraine sends its greetings to the Russian artillery! We congratulate you: after you bombarded our peaceful cities, our relatives, children, loved ones – you, worms, became our number one target. We explain to you, Vanki: you seem to be far away and shoot at targets you can’t see. You don’t see little children, old people, homes, kindergartens, schools, and hospitals – all these are just goals for you.”
  • “Pressed, flew, got hit – f*****, right guys? Now look, worms: you don’t see your goals and you seem to be relieved. But believe me: it will never be easier for you scum. We already have the information about you. And if it is not for someone else, then it is a matter of minutes. From now on, there will be no more captured Russian artillery.”
  • “No mercy, no ‘please don’t kill, I surrender’ will be getting away. Every calculation, no matter: commander, driver, guide, charger – will be slaughtered like pigs. Tie your pants up, we’ve already come for you. Call your mom one last time. Say you gonna die soon jackal. We are not death, we are worse!”
  • Ukraine has kept a united media front with the help of Western journalism, who have bolstered Ukraine’s seeming resolve to stand against Russia no matter what, as Fox News reported when they pointed out the “miscalculation” of the “global conflict.”
  • Both sides have cracked down with Google blocking RT and Sputnik, both of whom are Kremlin-sponsored, in its European market as Business Insider pointed out, and Russia blocking Western and Ukrainian media outlets over messages about the war, as was pointed out by U.S. News and World Report.