Ukraine Ministry of Defense Accused of Sharing Fake Footage of Destruction of Russian Helicopters

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is accused of sharing fake video game footage of their army bringing down Russian Helicopters.

  • Reports of deceptive conduct by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense asserted that fake footage was published about the destruction of four Russian Helicopters.
  • The Ukraine MoD posted the video to their Twitter account, showing the downed military choppers, claiming that their demise was the result of Ukraine’s army.
  • However, the footage was recognized and called out by multiple individuals and news agencies, including Information Liberation, who reported the footage was from a video game.
  • Original footage from the video was posted on YouTube, showing what appears to be the same clip as part of the “Anti-Air Systems – Arma 3 Military Simulation.”
  • The video was posted by a Youtube account called Norov, who has posed multiple Military Simulation videos from games.
  • Ukraine has been quick to voice its victories from the start of the conflict with Russia about a month ago.
  • Earlier in the week, Ukraine claimed to have distorted a large Russian warship, according to CNN, and has stated their intention to end the war by May 9.