Ukraine Flag Hanging Outside Texas Governor’s Mansion Sparks Backlash

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott displayed the Ukrainian flag at the front of the Governor’s Mansion on Wednesday to celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day.

“Today is Ukraine’s Independence Day,” he wrote on Twitter. “Join me in praying for the Ukrainian people as they continue their fight for freedom & sovereignty. We’ve added the Ukraine flag at the Governor’s Mansion to show our unity as they battle against Russian tyranny. Texas stands with Ukraine.”

The pro-Ukraine declaration solidifies Abbott as the RINO politician many Texans have suspected him to be.

During this year’s Texas GOP primaries, Abbott faced off against challenger Don Huffines.

Huffines slammed Abbott’s virtue signaling stunt in a social media post of his own on Thursday, telling Texans the governor should be more worried about the state’s collapsed southern border than a war in Eastern Europe.

“Foreign Ukrainian flag spotted flying from the Texas Governor’s Mansion,” he wrote. “Isn’t that the flag the Democrats are obsessed with? Fake news and deep-state warmongers love this photo op. I pray DC does not get us into this war. Texas needs to focus on its own border & sovereignty; if we want a war, it should be with the Mexican Cartels. Texas First!”

Internet users who follow Governor Abbott on Twitter appear to agree with Huffines, as the top comments on the Texas governor’s post criticized America’s support of the Ukrainian war.

Reporting from InfoWars.