UK Train Systems Implement AI Technology to Monitor Potential Crimes

UK train systems are preparing to introduce an AI CCTV technology that monitors potential crimes and threats. The Siemens Mobility system is designed to prevent criminal activity, differentiating between “threatening” and non-threatening individuals and alerting operators who may then choose how to respond to the situation.

From Reclaim the Net:

“Our smart iCCTV technology is capable of spotting risky situations early on, for example automatically recognizing when one person is ‘squaring up’ to another,” said Siemens Mobility managing director of rolling stock Sambit Bannerjee.

“It then triggers an alert to the guard or person in the control center, who can see live video from the carriage and decide whether to make an announcement, intervene themselves or alert the police.”


The CEO of independent passenger watchdog Transport Focus, Anthony Smith noted that “the crime statistics show railway is actually safer that the high street,” adding that “under-reporting of sexual harassment, in particular, is a big problem.” He did welcome the move, but warned that technological advancements “should always support staff, not replace staff.”