UK Makes Single Gender Bathrooms Mandatory in Public Buildings

This replaces “gender-neutralbathrooms in hospitals, schools, and offices.

  • The British government is now requiring separate bathroom facilities for men and women in public spaces.
  • This change comes as a move away from “gender-neutral” bathroom areas in public places such as hospitals and schools over a certain capacity size.
  • Currently, buildings being built or refurbished that require approval from government officials will be forced to incorporate the new requirements.
  • A government source said, “It is vital that women feel safe and comfortable when using public facilities and that there is a greater emphasis on provision that is focused on dignity, privacy, tolerance and respect for all.”
  • The decision wasn’t welcomed with open arms by all. Transgender rights activists have spoken out in opposition, arguing that gender-neutral facilities create a safe space for those who fear discrimination in single-sex bathrooms.
  • “‘Single-sex toilets to be compulsory in new public buildings’ – nonsensical, irrelevant plan from ‘equalities’ minister, @KemiBadenoch… Domestic loos are gender-neutral, so what’s the actual problem with gender-neutral loos in public buildings??” one person wrote on Twitter.
  • “WTF is up with this obsession with ‘single sex toilets’?? Seriously. IT IS A LOO. Gender neutral restrooms/toilets/bathrooms are the only thing that makes sense,” someone else said.
  • A third person wrote, “Reading this ridiculousness on a train where the only toilets are gender-neutral and it causes exactly zero problems.”
  • Reports of violence against biological women and children in women’s bathrooms have caused concern amongst many.
  • One report outlined five incidences of transgender-identifying biological men who abused women and children in women’s bathrooms, including a Seattle man who entered a women’s locker room where girls were changing for swim practice.
  • Another instance outlined a Toronto man who was arrested for sexually assaulting several women at a shelter after gaining access to the women’s shower facilities by giving the name “Jessica.”