UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov Bluntly Rejects Multiple Genders: ‘I See Only Women and Men’

Recently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, Khabib Nurmagomedov shared his perspective on the evolving gender ideology during an interview on the Valuetainment podcast, hosted by entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David.

The retired UFC champion, hailing from Russia’s Dagestan region, candidly expressed his confusion regarding the American view of multiple genders, according to a report from The Blaze.

Bet-David posed an intriguing question, saying, “A very technical question for you, I know you’re a math guy and this one may be a tough question for you.”

He continued, “If you’re uncomfortable answering this one, I’m totally okay with that. In America we have a few hundred genders. How many genders do you guys have in Russia?”

Caught off-guard by the query, Nurmagomedov responded after a moment’s pause, “I see only women and men. There is no in-between.”

His statement was met with widespread applause from the live audience attending the podcast recording.

Nurmagomedov then recounted an experience during a recent trip to California, where he encountered a restroom labeled ‘all gender.’

“It’s crazy, it’s crazy. It’s like first time in my life, a couple weeks ago, and I was in California, I was like in coffee shop. I really want to go bathroom, ‘Can I go bathroom?’ Okay, they told me ‘cool,’ and I’m kind of like, two [bathrooms], ‘all gender’ [and] ‘all gender.’ What is this? Where I have to go?” he shared, indicating his bafflement.

The champion further emphasized his traditional upbringing, saying, “I stopped, like, I spent like five seconds there, like, where is women, where’s men? I knocked [on] the door, ‘Anybody inside?’ Okay. I don’t know, brother, I grew up in in very traditional place, with very traditional family, I’m very happy with this.”

Adding to the conversation, he remarked, “I am from big mountains, and we have only two genders.”

To which Bet-David playfully commented, “When you live in cities in America, there’s like 40, 50 genders, because here math is like very important to them.”

With a lighthearted tone, Nurmagomedov chuckled, “I have to be careful.”

For context, Nurmagomedov hails from Dagestan, a culturally diverse region in southern Russia.

As of 2012, a significant portion of the population, approximately 83%, identified as Muslim, according to sources.