U.S. Officials Say Poland Explosions Likely Caused by Ukraine

Ukraine and the mainstream media initially blamed Russia.

  • United States officials have told journalists that the explosion that took the lives of two in Poland was likely the fault of Ukraine.
  • The explosion, which Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky attributed to Russia’s actions, is now said to have likely been caused by missiles fired by Ukrainian forces.
  • President Joe Biden told reporters that it was “unlikely” that Russia was responsible for the attack on the NATO nation.
  • The updated information came after Zlensky had claimed the explosion meant that “[Ukraine], [Poland], all of Europe and the world must be fully protected from terrorist Russia.”
  • Poland also weighed in, saying the explosion was “unlikely” the work of a Russian-fired missile that caused the two deaths.
  • Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday it was “[m]ost likely” that “this was an unfortunate accident.”
  • Russia and Ukraine have been locked in conflict since February 2022.
  • Both nations were slated to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia, but neither ended up making an appearance.
  • While Zelensky didn’t attend in person, he did speak virtually to world leaders, pushing a plan that would necessitate Russian troop withdrawal from Ukraine and compensation for the damage caused by the military incursion.