U.S. Navy Medical Officer Reveals Myocarditis Up by 151% Among Pilots

Lieutenant Ted Macie of the Navy Medical Service Corps revealed that health problems have drastically increased among pilots following COVID-19 vaccination.

“So you may have seen my wife’s recent post, and I want to elaborate on that and give you an example as to why reinstatement, back pay, and apologies isn’t enough,” said Macie in a video posted on X.

His wife’s post read, “There is a complete lack of trust in the military ‘leadership’ among those who were not only involuntarily separated, but also those who walked away (including just shy of retirement), those who fought from within but were flagged for promotion, those who didn’t want to take the shot but were coerced, and us family members who have been told that our community’s mental and physical health is important to that alleged leadership.”

She added that servicemembers suffered from “illegal mandates.”

“Accountability is the only answer. Every single voice of servicemembers who suffered because of these ILLEGAL mandates should be heard before Congress. Every single military ‘leader’ who was informed by servicemembers presenting them with the law and still did nothing should be investigated until we remove all those who put their careers above the mental and physical safety of our servicemembers and their families.”

Macie described a number of medical problems that have increased since the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Reading from data compiled over five years and comparing it to 2022, Macie said myocarditis increased by 151%.

Other diseases Macie explained had dramatic surges were: hypertensive disease (36%), ischemic heart disease (69%), pulmonary heart disease (62%), heart failure (973%), other forms of heart disease (63%), and cardiomyopathy (152%).

American Faith reported that out of the 8,000 military members who were discharged due to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, only 43 have rejoined.

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper who recently retired after fighting his discharge, said he is not rejoining after feeling betrayed.

“I think a service member going back to the military after being kicked out over the COVID mandate is like a woman going back to her abusive husband. He promises that this time will be different and that he won’t hit her anymore, but in reality he’ll likely hit her so hard that he kills her this time,” Kupper said.