U.S. Court Reinstates Biden’s Order Forcing Federal Employees to Get Vaccinated

A federal appeals court has reinstated U.S. President Joe Biden’s mandate requiring federal employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a report says.

By a 2-1 vote, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit dismissed the injunction blocking Executive Order 14043, also known as Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees, The Gateway Pundit reported. The injunction, issued by Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown of the Southern District in Texas, was meant to protect federal employees’ medical freedom.

“The motion is GRANTED as to Executive Order 14043. All the defendants, except the President, are thus enjoined from implementing or enforcing Executive Order 14043 until this case is resolved on the merits,” Judge Brown said in his ruling.

The Court of Appeals reversed the lower court ruling and dismissed a lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional mandate. This new ruling, which ABC reported as a “rare win” for the Biden administration at the appellate court, said Judge Brown didn’t have jurisdiction in the case.

Furthermore, the ruling indicated that those who were challenging the mandate could have pursued administrative remedies under the Civil Service law.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration claimed that the President, supposedly according to the U.S. Constitution, being the head of the federal workforce, has the same authority as that of a private company’s CEO to order employees to get vaccinated.

About face

Interestingly, the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said in February that it will not be reinstating Biden’s vaccine mandate requiring federal employees to get the jab. This is not definite or final, however, as the appellate court specifically indicated that they will not reverse the lower court ruling until it reviews the earlier ruling.

“A federal appeals court said Wednesday it would not reinstate President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees while it reviews a lower court’s order putting the requirement on hold – potentially setting the stage for the case to go to the Supreme Court,” CNN reported at the time.

“The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals did not explain its reasoning in the unsigned order that said the court was expediting its review of the case,” the report noted further. “The court said the Biden administration’s request to put the lower court’s ruling on hold was being “carried with the case,” signaling that the appeals court would not rule on the request until it had conducted a fuller review of the case.”

Timing is everything

The appellate court’s decision allowing the Biden administration to force federal employees to get the jab comes after interesting developments related to COVID vaccines and the issues surrounding them.

Recent reports suggest that the COVID vaccines bring more harm than what is being said in the news. Several studies reveal that getting the jabs might lead to unwanted and unpleasant results.

study, for example, found that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine turns into DNA in liver cells. This is despite the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s claims that the jabs “do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.”

Another study also found that the same vaccine, Pfizer’s, leads to a sevenfold increase in risks for myocarditis among teens.

Some experts warn against the use of COVID vaccines to deal with the virus, which is believed to have come as a result of gain-of-function experiments involving controversial people.

gastroenterologist who “completely trusted” the U.S. health system and the FDA received the jab, then warned that the side effects for getting it is the “worst experience” she ever had. Her testimony, alongside many others, run counter to the Biden administration’s taxpayer-funded pro-vaccine propaganda.

Even Dr. Robert Malone, known for inventing the mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines, warned that the jabs might be enhancing diseases and increasing the risk of being infected with the Omicron variant. This is worth noting especially as authorities are now saying a new variant, “Omicron XE,” has been found.