U.S. Army Advertises ‘Covid Vaccine Not Required’

The United States Army is advertising that the COVID-19 vaccine is not required for new recruits.

The move comes as the Army failed to reach recruitment targets.

“New US Army recruitment strategy just dropped,” tweeted political commentator Benny Johnson.

In 2022, the Army fell by 25%, likely correlated to the vaccine mandates.

In February 2023, Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth issued a memorandum that rescinded COVID-19 vaccine policies.

American Faith reported last month that out of the thousands of military members discharged for refusing the vaccine, only 43 soldiers rejoined.

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper, who retired after fighting his discharge, said he is not rejoining after feeling betrayed.

“I think a service member going back to the military after being kicked out over the COVID mandate is like a woman going back to her abusive husband. He promises that this time will be different and that he won’t hit her anymore, but in reality he’ll likely hit her so hard that he kills her this time,” Kupper said.

Navy Commander Rob Green previously warned that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for servicemembers has destroyed trust between military service members and their leaders.

“The initial push for an ineffective, unlawful vaccine followed by it being rescinded has resulted in a betrayal of trust beyond what words can describe,” Green stressed. “There is no doubt in my mind that recruitment and retention will suffer much more than it is now.”

“Unless our leaders take radical actions to hold themselves and their peers accountable, the lack of trust in our military will result in a massive readiness crash,” Green cautioned.

The impending military crash is a “looming, unspoken mass exodus, and will likely come to fruition in the next three to five years as those who felt betrayed come to the end of their enlistments or reach retirement eligibility.”