U. of North Dakota Backs Off Transgender Promotion Following Parental Pushback

Parents in the state were warned about an upcoming transgender push by the University of North Dakota and pushed back against the policy.

  • The University of North Dakota had to abandon its plans to create a transgender promotion after outraged parents stood up to the university.
  • World Net Daily reported that parents were warned about the agenda by Catholic bishops who put the word out to the roughly one-quarter Catholic population.
  • According to The Washington Examiner, the plan was scrapped just days ago saying that “existing policies already provide equal opportunity protections to all of our campus members.”
  • The proposed plan would have given special allowances for those students who identified as transgender.
  • Included in the allowances was a plan to allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms of the gender that they proclaim to identify with according to World Net Daily.
  • There would also be speech requirements on other students which demands that they use the pronouns the transgender students select for themselves.
  • According to U.S. News and World Report, the policy also allowed transgender identifying students to live in facilities aligned with the gender they claimed.
  • Lawyer and Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference Christopher Dodson warned parents that gender inclusion policies have multiple negative ramification
  • Included in the possible ills is the idea that misgendering someone would be deemed an act of harassment or discrimination, according to Campus Reform.