U.K. Christian Mother Sues School for Forcing Son to Participate in Pride Parade

The case is the first time U.K. LGBT school indoctrination will be analyzed.

  • 38-year-old mother Izzy Montague is suing Heavers Farm Primary School in South Norwood, London, after the school forced her then 4-year-old son to participate in a pride parade in June 2018.
  • After the school sent a letter to parents informing them of an upcoming pride march celebrating the “differences that make them and their family special,” Montague told the school she did not want her son “being involved in a public display of adherence to views which she did not accept.”
  • Headteacher Susan Papas refused to allow Montague’s son to opt out of the event.
  • Following her meeting with the school, Montague said her son was separated from his peers and given a three-hour detention.
  • Montague described the experience to Fox News as “horrific” and said she then moved her son to a Catholic school.
  • “I think that is ridiculous, and all parents should not be forced to take on a school’s sexual beliefs or any social beliefs on the fear that you will get bullied and segregated,” she noted. “Children should be protected in school.”
  • Judge Christopher Lethem describes the Montague family as “devout born-again Christians” who “bear a belief that sexual relations should be abstained from or take place within a life-long marriage between a man and a woman and any activity outside those confines is sinful.”
  • Montague is suing on the grounds of discrimination and the violation of the Education Act of 1996 and the Human Rights Act of 1998. Her case will be heard February 10.
  • Executive Director of the Christian Legal Centre Andrea Williams, representing Montague, said the case is an example of “totalitolerance.” She added that those who “preach tolerance and diversity the loudest do not appear to be interested in practicing it.”
  • “A particular agenda is being forced onto children inside the school gates and parents are being given no means to ensure that their children are being taught in line with their religious and philosophical beliefs,” Williams said.
  • Montague stated free speech in London is “really scary,” adding that she and others have had the police called on them for their views.
  • American Faith reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created an “assessment tool” for teachers to determine their level of commitment to “LGBTQ inclusivity.”
  • Commitment to the ideology is based on an “LGBTQ Inclusivity Continuum” and ranks scores as minimally, moderately, or highly inclusive.