Two Memphis Suspects Threatening to Kill ‘White Folks’

Two days after a mass shooting was streamed on Facebook, Memphis Police are warning the public of a possible new threat.

  • After 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly murdered four people and injured three others in Memphis earlier this week, a new video has popped up showing two men making terrorist threats specifically toward white people.
  • “White folks fixin’ to not like black people,” a man says in the video. “They’re fixin’ to be marching by the riverside, ‘White Lives Matter,'” he continues. “He already shot an old white man. I’m fixin’ to shoot a white old lady.”
  • The Memphis Police Department consequently issued a warning regarding the content of the video.
  • “The two suspects making the threats are described as two black males between the ages of 18 to 21 years of age,” the statement said. “Investigators need assistance identifying the individuals in the video.”

“These terroristic threats were posted on social media platforms and specific threats to events occurring in the City of Memphis,” Memphis Police said.

  • Kelly, who live-streamed himself driving around Memphis spread his shooting spree across eight separate crime scenes on Sept. 7.
  • Video revealed Kelly walking into an AutoZone and releasing fire on an older white gentleman without any warning and then firing shots out of his car window shouting vulgar comments.
  • Last year, Kelly was released early after being convicted of aggravated assault.